Match the crustacean hatch

Sensation Team -

November 8, 2021

  • YUM Spine Craw
  • Pro Bass Magic Dip – Orange – Shellfish
  • McArthy Gambit

Crustaceans are on the menu for bass at almost every dam, pond, lake or river across the country. Characterised by orange tipped pincers or a hint of orange on the belly, the Pro Bass Shellfish Magic Dip is a great way to add highlights to your craws or the tails of baits when imitating these critters, often giving you that extra second to set the hook when a good one bites.  Here we tricked out a YUM Spine Craw and McArthy Gambit, and boy do they look good.

Dipping the claws on a bait like YUM’s Spine Craw in Pro Bass’ Orange Magic Dip adds that touch of realism even on dark green pumpkin / watermelon colours and the added scent enables bass to track the bait down in murkier water, especially after the recent rains we’ve been having.

Pro Tip: If you fish waters with juvenile Niloticus present, dip the tails of your swimbaits, Flukes and grubs in Pro Bass Orange Magic Dip to better match the hatch, our go to for this technique is a Watermelon Seed bait with an orange dipped tail.

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