The mechanics of landing a bass

Duncan Murfin -

November 18, 2021

  • Okuma Hakai
  • Okuma RAW Rod

Rod tip down – it’s a simple enough principle to keep fish pinned but there are a lot of mechanics involved that starts with having the right taper rod for the technique (single hook or treble) as it acts as your shock absorber on the jump. Next up is the type of line you’re fishing, Fluoro and braid have little to no stretch, so the hooks need to be large enough to keep the fish pinned or the rod soft enough to keep tension without pulling them, this is the main reason for limber, treble hook rods. Lastly, it’s all about how quickly you can keep tension on the fish AKA the retrieve ratio of your reel when a fish makes a run, having a slower reel retrieve ratio means you’ll be playing catch up when a fish jumps and on a slack line the pivot point now rests solely on the hook and ultimately results in a lost fish.

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