Kurper Float Fishing Essentials

Sensation Team -

February 21, 2022

  • Okuma Lite SX 5’6″ Rod
  • Okuma Cemyar CBF1000 Reel
  • Sensation Pro Series Carp Line – High Vis Yellow
  • Hayabusa Beaked Octopus Hook 1/0

Float fishing for Kurper is one of the most effective ways to target them, no matter if they’re feeding near the bottom or just below the surface. Here Jan Steytler breaks down the fundamentals of rigging a float, the gear you’ll need and how set your rig up correctly. If you’re headed to Loskop soon this is a must fish rig for big Blues around many of the larger standing trees. Tips: – Using high visibility line like Sensation’s Pro Series Carp Line will enable you to focus on the float and any slack the fish might create by swimming towards you (back bite). – When fishing from a boat, shorter rods like Okuma’s 5’6” Lite SX enable you to strike without hitting your rod against branches when tied up to the trees. – Remember to calculate the weight of your worms when shotting your float so that it doesn’t pull the float down too far.