Winter Swimbait Fishing

Sensation Team -

August 2, 2022

  • Keitech Easy Shiner
  • Sensation Tungsten Swim Blade
  • Hayabusa Weighted Swimbait Hook

Throwing a swimbait in winter involves scaling down the size of your bait, selecting a swimbait like the Keitech Easy Shiner with a narrow profile tail for a subtler action and slowing down your retrieve as much as possible. Here we break down the basics and share some tips on how and where to throw them.

Working a bait in place when bass get tight lipped can be a deadly tactic in aggravating them into biting. A Sensation Tungsten Shaky…
Okuma’s newest generation low-profile baitcaster, the ultra-light weight, 5.9oz Hakai raises the bar for performance featuring a magnesium alloy frame construction, super tuned spool…