Nail Weighted Swimbait Rigging Hack

You guys asked for it and here is a quick breakdown of our nail weighted rigging hack for big paddle tail swimbaits like Keitech’s Easy Shiner, Fat Swing Impact and McArthy’s Slinky. This is the 6.5” Easy Shiner paired with a 5/0, 1/4oz Hayabusa Weighted Swimbait Hook. The beauty of this rig is that you […]

Deep Water Neko Rigging

A Neko Rig offers a more active presentation when bass are relating to deep water and you need to a work a finesse bait more aggressively to trigger a bite.  Here we look at the gear you’ll need, where to fish it and the easiest way to put this rig together. Featured Gear 7”0 M […]

Cover water for spawners with Keitech’s Model III Tungsten Swim Jig

Swim jigs are a great way to cover water right now if fish have just started to move up onto the bank or are still in that cruising pattern around isolated pockets in grass or weeds after these last set of fronts. A great tool for the job is Keitech’s Model III Swim jig paired […]

Unboxing the Okuma ITX

Okuma ITX Carbon spinning reels are built for ultimate durability. The lightweight and rigid C-40X long strand carbon fiber featured in the body, side plates, and rotor give extra strength where it is needed the most. The machined aluminum handle screws directly into the reel assuring maximum security and stability. The 7HPB +1RB high performance […]

Rietvlei Report

We stopped by Rietvlei this morning to check how far along the spawn is, there are a couple of buck bass cruising the shallows with smaller females ready to attack an SD4 Jerk Minnow jerkbait or weightless Zoom Fluke. We got onto the water a bit later than planned (the gate opens at 6:00am), but […]

High Vis soft plastic jerkbaits to load the boat RIGHT NOW!

The prespawn is one of the few times in the year you can run a reaction bait strategy, cover water and catch numbers of quality fish. We look at how to draw reaction bites from these bass that have moved into isolated cover off weed edges (when they are out of reach of treble hooked […]

McArthy’s new 6” McRinger

McArthy’s new 6” McRinger offers an innovative take on ringer style worms, featuring a meatier head to prevent the eye of the hook tearing out, a unique tabbed packaging to ensure each bait swims true out of the package and slender kicking tail to ensure bass get the entire mouthful when they strike.

Roodekoppies Report

Our team hit Roodekoppies yesterday to check out how far along the pre-spawn / spawn is and managed to catch a good number of fish cruising the edges of the Snotterbel at the dam wall, concrete reservoir and the old Northern Transvaal grounds. The first wave of cruisers have started moving into clean pockets (without […]

Keitech’s Sexy Impact – the baitfish profiled stickbait

Keitech’s Sexy Impact is a hybrid jerk / stick soft plastic jerkbait with its own unique swimming action on the fall when fished weightless thanks to its dual density plastisol construction. Fish it like a jerkbait when fish are chasing bait or work it like a stickbait when fish are suspended or want a slower […]

The versatile Keitech Shad Impact

Keitech’s Shad Impact delivers the best of both worlds as a jerkbait and a soft plastic spybait. It really excels as an ultra-realistic baitfish imitator, when more aggressive baits have turned off and its side-to-side rocking motion is enough to trigger even the finickiest of bass, when fished on a constant retrieve or when paired […]