3 Spinnerbait Trailer Tips to land more bass

Some days your favourite spinnerbait with the right blade combination, right skirt colour and right weight only draws those tell-tale knocks of a bass nipping at the blades or not staying hooked up when they do finally hit it. Often switching to another bait might not be the answer, but rather giving the bass something […]

YUM’s Thump’N Dinger is more than just another swimming worm.

Built on the body of the successful Dinger series it features a kicking tail with a thin profile perfect for pitching around grass and timber, and the bonus is it works great even when fished on the lightest weight. PLUS we’ve just added 3 awesome new colours to the range Black / Blue Laminate, Watermelon […]

BASS CAM: Topwaters from below

Ever wondered what your topwater looks like from below and if the pattern on the sides really makes a difference? Well, here you go, and yes bass can definitely see that slick colour pattern on the side and top of the bait so matching the hatch is key. Here we featured a classic Heddon Spook […]

The mechanics of landing a bass

Rod tip down – it’s a simple enough principle to keep fish pinned but there are a lot of mechanics involved that starts with having the right taper rod for the technique (single hook or treble) as it acts as your shock absorber on the jump. Next up is the type of line you’re fishing, […]

Hazelmere Quickstop

A quick stop at Hazelmere dam for an hour+ session resulted in 7 bass. The water levels are at an all-time low but if one works the banks there are several holding in the shallows. Fishing ultralight is always fun and action-packed when catching these dinkies.

Gurgling Toad in Action

If you like noisy, sloshing, kicking topwater baits then Sensation’s Gurgling Toad with its big spinning paddle might be up your alley. Here we take a look at some of its features, how loud it really is and get some awesome slo-mo of it in action.

Match the crustacean hatch

Crustaceans are on the menu for bass at almost every dam, pond, lake or river across the country. Characterised by orange tipped pincers or a hint of orange on the belly, the Pro Bass Shellfish Magic Dip is a great way to add highlights to your craws or the tails of baits when imitating these […]

Toad Runner action on the new Serrano Blue Rods

Sometimes we get to call the shots and other times you need a big bad noisy topwater like Booyah’s Toad Runner to call up bass. Fish were busting on the surface around shallow grass, but not committing to a slower moving popping frog when this kilo plus number decided it didn’t just want to eat […]

Spook Season

Its official Spook season is here! With the rainy conditions we’ve had across the country flooding new cover, coinciding with the baitfish spawn that is busy happening up in the shallows there is no better way to cover water and target those shallow bass than with a Heddon Spook. We’ve added two new colours to […]

Covert Series: Booyah’s ultimate spinnerbait

Covert Series: Designed by the Christie Family, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Jason Christie, his Dad Jerry and Uncle Charlie, they combined over 40 years of their spinnerbait knowledge and experience into developing the Covert Spinnerbait System to match water temperatures, colour, cover and season. Locally there will be a selection of 19 models available in […]