Bronze Bream Scratching

Commonly known by many as Bluefish, its distinctive colouration is a giveaway along with an indent (bum line) between the eyes, which becomes more prolific with age. A sort after table species they can be targeted throughout the year although the colder months are prime Bronze Bream season. They’re a slower growing species reaching maturity […]

Paddle Tail Basics for Kob

Known across the globe by many names Dusky Kob, Silver Kob, Squaretail Kob, Salmon, Dagga, Mulloway, Jewfish, Butterfish, Mulley, and Japanese Meagre all the from the same family (Argyrosomus). Locally they can be found along our entire coastline all the way up to Angola. Renowned for their hard pulling action and big hits on paddle […]

Spinning for the Natal Snoek from the shore

These silvery bullets migrate along the KZN coastline in the warmer months and move northwards to spawn as winter approaches, although it is not uncommon to get a couple offseason. Targeting these finicky eaters from the side can be challenging but ever so rewarding when you manage to hook and land one.   They’re a fast-growing […]

Light Tackle Drop Shot Fishing

The entire KZN coastline comes alive during the warmer months, offering various opportunities to target on ultra/light tackle with soft or hard lures, and as winter approaches other species also add to the fun. Often confused with dropshot fishing for bass, it’s now a common term used by coastal anglers, although it differs in rig […]