Deep Water Neko Rigging

A Neko Rig offers a more active presentation when bass are relating to deep water and you need to a work a finesse bait more aggressively to trigger a bite.  Here we look at the gear you’ll need, where to fish it and the easiest way to put this rig together. Featured Gear 7”0 M […]

High Vis soft plastic jerkbaits to load the boat RIGHT NOW!

The prespawn is one of the few times in the year you can run a reaction bait strategy, cover water and catch numbers of quality fish. We look at how to draw reaction bites from these bass that have moved into isolated cover off weed edges (when they are out of reach of treble hooked […]

Pitching a creature around isolated cover

It’s been a warmer winter season with large amounts of broadleaf pondweed mats around on many dams across the country. These mats retain heat and act as the perfect habitat for bass and baitfish to suspend under and one of the best ways to target them is with a slower falling Texas rigged creature bait, […]

Bite Sized Winter Swimbaits

Winter swimbaiting takes two different approaches, scaling down or throwing oversized versions. Today we look at the bite sized variety, the different actions different baits deliver and the gear you’ll need to throw them. Featured Gear 7”0 – 7’3” MH Okuma Serano / Recon Casting Rod, 7.0:1 baitcaster spooled with 12-14lb Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. Baits: […]

Finesse Vibrating Jig Strategies

Vibrating jigs like Booyah’s Melee are a great crankbait / spinnerbait cross over you can cover water with and target active bass around cover during the warmest parts of the day in winter. He biggest adjustment you need to make is to fish deeper in the water column and change your trailer up to a […]

Dropshotting minnows on points

The water is still cold in most parts of the country and points will offer bass the perfect deep to shallow water transition feeding zones over the next few weeks. One of the best ways to target them is with a dropshot rigged, minnow style bait like the Damiki 3” Armor Shad, Zoom’s Super Fluke […]